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The average U.S. employer spends about $4,000 and 52 days to hire a new worker.1

Do you know your own cost‐per‐hire and time‐to‐hire?

More than ever, “understanding the numbers”—talent analytics—is an essential part of success for any hiring manager, recruiter or talent acquisition professional who hopes to compete for the right talent at the right cost.

Large or small, your organization will benefit from Talent Analytics For Dummies®, Glassdoor Special Edition—improving hiring efforts, programs and strategy. With real-world data and insights at your command, you’ll make smarter decisions about investing your hard-earned recruiting budget.

Get 48 pages of great advice, best practices and case studies—plus 10 Ways to Win With Talent Analytics

  • Learn the basics—Understand which metrics and benchmarks are the most important to track, report on and optimize in your hunt for great talent.

  • Think like a pro—Create a hiring strategy, build the case for more recruiting budget and earn your seat at the decision-making table.

  • Dive deeper—Explore predictive analytics, employer branding analytics and channeling your inner marketer to forecast hiring needs and make sure your recruiting message is resonating with candidates.

Expert guidance at your fingertips:

“I know, from my experience studying this marketplace for years, that analytics can be confusing and intimidating. Let me assure you that with a little education, and some time looking at the examples and fundamentals in this book, you will find it easy, useful and powerful in your job.”

—Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst and Researcher, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

Source: 1Bersin by Deloitte Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015.