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Live Demo: Recruiting with Glassdoor 101

Learn how to boost your jobs, target qualified candidates, and find great people for your company.

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Mallory Brown

Mallory Brown

Product Marketing Manager



Automating the Candidate Journey

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5 New Ways to Hire for Hard-to-Fill Roles

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Making Oprah and Building the Team Behind Her

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The Recruit Webinar series gets you up to speed on current trends in recruiting, just in time for our biggest event of the year - Glassdoor Recruit. Tune in to our first webinar in the series to brush up on the latest ways that companies use Glassdoor to hire.

Unlike other recruiting solutions, Glassdoor has everything you need to target relevant candidates with your open positions, build healthy talent pipelines, and boost awareness of your company.

Watch this 30-minute demo to learn everything you need to know about Glassdoor including:

  • How to get your jobs to show up more prominently and frequently in candidate search results across the site – and even on competitors’ profiles

  • Ways you can target qualified candidates with your open positions and sell them on your company without adding to your workload

  • Why candidates on Glassdoor are 2x more likely to be hired1


1Based on app-to-hire ratios in a 2015 study of 30M applications from a leading third-party recruitment agency compared to other job sites