The Definitive New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Everything you need to do to welcome new employees properly

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Far more than a “new hire orientation,” a proper onboarding program is a comprehensive way to get new employees fully immersed. To set the tone for a high level of engagement, it’s critical to get the onboarding process just right, which means being buttoned up and prepared at every key stage.

That’s why our exhaustive New Hire Onboarding Checklist is key.

You’ll come away with clear action plans for how best to prep new hires from the minute your candidate signs and one week prior to start date – to the first day, first week and beyond. Use our list to:

  • Instil a sense of excitement

  • Sidestep logistical issues

  • Create a warm welcome

  • Help your new hire get his or her bearings and understand expectations

  • Ensure continued, long-term success