If your company did not make the list this year, here are some potential reasons why

Content Requirements

Glassdoor requires a minimum number of ratings by category and region as baseline criteria for this award. This ensures job seekers have enough data to see how CEOs compare. See the full methodology document for complete details.
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Extenuating Circumstances

A CEO may be excluded if the Glassdoor review panel becomes aware of activity that could erode the faith employees have in the CEO, the company, its senior management or the credibility of ratings on Glassdoor. Any indication of a company engaging in suspicious activity on Glassdoor could also cause its CEO to be excluded.


A minimum amount of content over the year is needed to qualify for the annual list of Highest-Rated CEOs. This year's list is based on content from May 2, 2015 to May 1, 2016
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Part of our algorithm that helps determine the winners assesses consistency in employee data. It helps us confirm whether or not reviews are legitimately from current or former employees who are posting when and what they want.
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Download the complete methodology for the 2016 list. Please note, Glassdoor reserves the right to change methodology to prevent gaming and ensure the integrity of reviews and data.

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