Employee Engagement Checklist & Calendar

Everything you need to create an employee engagement programme – guaranteed not only to improve employee productivity and retention, but also your bottom line.

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Did you know that organisations with engaged employees outperform competitors by a staggering 202%?1 And that disengaged employees cost billions of pounds in lost productivity each year?2

Engagement is a win for everyone: not only does it make employees more productive, loyal and innovative, it’s also proven to drive greater business results. So to help you establish a successful engagement programme, we’ve created this step-by-step checklist and 2018 calendar in partnership with top HR software provider, BambooHR. Inside you’ll discover:

  • ROI of employee engagement

  • Loads of employee activities to boost engagement

  • Checklist to organise your initiatives

1Aberdeen, October 2015
2Gallup, 2013