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Salaries: Students can research employee salary, bonus, and compensation details.

Interviews: Find actual interview questions and experiences from candidates.

Company Reviews: Access to pros and cons of working for a particular employer and employee ratings on culture and benefits.

Jobs: Students can search millions of jobs in one place. We integrate our career content in the job listings, making the job search experience easier.


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What can students do on Glassdoor?

We are here to assist you in empowering students with valuable information for starting or continuing their careers. Glassdoor is the largest career community on the web where students can research what it's really like to work at more than 300,000 companies - with millions of company reviews and ratings, salary reports, interview questions and more - shared by employees themselves. Plus, they can apply directly to more than 15 million jobs.

College Partnership Program

We are now partnering with over 900 colleges and universities to give students easier access to everything on Glassdoor. Better yet, this program is completely free to both you and your students. To get started, just fill out the contact form to the right and we will respond shortly. In the meantime, you can add Glassdoor to your online career resources and check out examples from some of the colleges who have already signed up!

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