Recruit Webinar Series

5 New Ways to Hire for Hard-to-Fill Roles

Learn the most effective strategies for quickly finding the right people for your toughest roles.

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Julie Coucoules

Julie Coucoules

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Loni Brown

Loni Brown

Head of Recruiting



Making Oprah and Building the Team Behind Her

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Automating the Candidate Journey

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Live Demo: Recruiting with Glassdoor 101

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The Recruit Webinar series gets you up to speed on current trends in recruiting, just in time for our biggest event of the year - Glassdoor Recruit.

Filling positions that demand skill sets in short supply is vexing. Especially because many of these roles didn’t exist a decade ago, it’s critical for recruiters to take a fresh approach.

In our upcoming webinar, Glassdoor’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Julie Coucoules, and Entelo’s Head of Recruiting, Loni Brown, will cover strategies that combine traditional recruiting techniques with new tools to help you quickly find the right people for your toughest roles.

You'll come away knowing how to:

  • Find the right talent for your trickiest roles

  • Optimize job visibility to the right candidates

  • Improve your candidate outreach strategy

  • Incorporate diversity initiatives into this process