How to Recruit Like a Marketer

Recruiting Like a Marketer: How to Get Creative to Beat the Competition

Your shortcut to leveraging language, visuals, multimedia and data to win top talent.

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Julie Coucoules

Julie Coucoules

VP of Talent Acquisition, Glassdoor

KC Jorgensen

KC Jorgensen

Chief People Officer, Textio

Amy Elisa Jackson

Amy Elisa Jackson

Director of Content Marketing, Glassdoor

In a conversation-style webinar, talent acquisition executives from Textio and Glassdoor will share their strategies for leveraging culture, creativity and data to recruit top talent. They’ll share the specific strategies they’ve found to be game-changing in a tight market – namely those that resemble a marketing campaign: strong narratives, key messaging, compelling visuals, and multimedia platforms. You’ll come away knowing:

  • How to leverage creativity along with data to elevate your employer brand

  • How to identify the right message to reach your audience, then successfully deliver that message

  • The tools and technologies needed to deliver your message in a scalable way