Hire and Retain Your Workforce with Glassdoor

How to use Glassdoor to position your company as an employer of choice and set your team up for recruiting success in 2019.

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Mallory Brown

Mallory Brown

Product Marketing Manager

If your company needs a job recruitment solution – one that can support talent acquisition efforts and positively impact employee retention – look no further than Glassdoor.

So much more than a branding tool, Glassdoor allows companies to gain a competitive edge in recruiting. In fact, our high-quality candidates are more likely to be hired1 and stay longer.2

Join this live demo to learn:

  • How to showcase your company as an employer of choice on Glassdoor

  • Why it’s so important to advertise your jobs

  • How Glassdoor analytics can help position your recruiting team for success in 2019

1 Data analysis of 12M applications 7/1/16-12/31/17 from leading ATS provider Greenhouse comparing application-to-hire ratios for Glassdoor vs. other job sites
2 Glassdoor EMI Research, November 2017