Recruiting Top Talent with Glassdoor

How to use the #2 job site in the U.S.1 to make better hires, faster and for less.

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Mallory Brown

Mallory Brown

Product Marketing Manager

Wish you could spend less time sorting through unqualified resumes and more time meeting great candidates your hiring managers will love? With Glassdoor, you can.

That’s because unlike other recruiting solutions, Glassdoor has everything you need to increase awareness of your company, target relevant candidates, and build healthy talent pipelines.

Join this live demo to see how Glassdoor can help you:

  • Target qualified candidates and sell them on your company with your profile

  • Boost visibility for your jobs across the Glassdoor site, even on competitors’ profiles2

  • Plus, why candidates on Glassdoor are more likely to be hired3 and are easier to retain4

1 Based on unique users, custom job list sites % Change Media Trend Report, Comscore February 2018 Media Metrix®
2 Only available with certain packages
3 Data analysis of 12M applications 7/1/16-12/31/17 from leading ATS provider Greenhouse comparing application-to-hire ratios for Glassdoor vs. other job sites
4 Glassdoor EMI Research, November 2017